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Hello,Welcome to Chizhou Fangda Science and Technology Co., Ltd.!
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The company specializes in producing expandable MMA beads. They are mainly used in high-end cast iron, steel casting, stainless steel and other finished mold casting products.

It has more excellent application performance

1. Wider pretest and forming range can create a white mold with a brighter surface

2. It can also be performed with low volatile content, which greatly improves the preservation time and reduces the use of steam by 20%.

3. Improve the combustion speed to accelerate the casting pouring speed between 5-10 seconds.

4. No use of raw materials containing benzene ring structure can reduce the amount of carbon slag generated in casting

5. Free of benzene emissions, it can solve the problem of excessive benzene in environmental emissions of other emitting beads, which provides a great help to the environmental governance or enterprises

Main Specifications and Models
  EMB-101# EMB-102# EMB-103# EMB-104#
Product appearance
Opalescent opaque orbicular, solid granular
Particle size range
0.85-0. 65 0. 65-0. 45 0. 45-0. 35 0.35-0.25
Water Content
The proportion of recommended
17-19 18-20 19-21 20-22

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